Dr Anna Spenceley


Download Anna’s CV:      CV Full Spenceley 30 July 2015

Residential Address:       15 San Hill, Seaward Estate, Ballito, 4420, South Africa

Postal Address:                PO Box 132, Dolphin Coast, Ballito, 4404, South Africa

Contact Information:      Mobile : +27 (0)72 311 5700 | Landline : +27 (0)32 5863750

Skype: annaspenceley |  email : annaspenceley@gmail.com

Experience/Publications: Website: www.anna.spenceley.co.uk

Blog :                                 annaspenceley.wordpress.com

Presentations:                 http://www.slideshare.net/AnnaSpenceley

Nationality:                     British Citizen with permanent residency in South Africa


Dr Anna Spenceley is a tourism consultant with nearly 20 years international experience. She is a renowned international expert in her field, with an extensive publication record, rich diversity of project experience, an extensive international network of associates with whom she collaborates. She has lived and worked in English, French and Portuguese speaking developing countries for 17 years.

Thematic areas: Dr Spenceley is an expert in sustainable and responsible tourism with a focus on biodiversity conservation, protected areas and transfrontier conservation areas, certification, indicators, concessions and public-private partnerships, triple bottom line assessments (i.e. economic, social and environmental), value and supply chains, small enterprise development and poverty reduction.

Approaches: She a reputation for excellence with the ability to lead and collaborate with multi-disciplinary and multi-language teams, in addition to having the focus and drive to succeed with independent work. She has the ability to work from the macro level, on interventions with government ministries, intergovernmental agencies; with tourism destinations and multinational tourism operations; and also at the micro level with community members and small businesses. Her work is applied through policy and strategy development, planning, project development, research, training, curriculum development, conferences and workshops, capacity building, education and monitoring. She focuses on analytical approaches, participatory processes, practical and appropriate solutions, with clear reporting and measurable results.


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