Andrew Rylance

Download Andrew’s CV: CV Full Rylance August 2015

Residential Address:      15 San Hill, Seaward Estate, Ballito, 4420, South Africa

Postal Address:               PO Box 132, Dolphin Coast, Ballito, 4404, South Africa

Contact Information:     Mobile : +27 (0)84 396 4296 | Landline : +27 (0)32 5863750

Skype: andrewrylance | email :

Nationality:                     British Citizen and Permanent Resident in South Africa


Andrew Rylance is a consultant specialising in two areas of work: private sector development and environmental economics. Currently based in South Africa, he has ten years of experience working in Africa and Europe. He has a proven track record in Africa offering technical services to a range of donor organisations, NGOS, governments and corporates.

Thematic areas: Andrew is a specialist in private sector development with a focus on business development, public private partnerships, value and supply chains, tourism, conservation, business development, public private partnerships, value and supply chains, economic valuations of conservation areas and corporate sustainability reporting.

Approaches: He has a reputation for delivering focused, timely results of a high quality, utilising his experience working within international organisations with his academic background. He has the ability to lead and collaborate within project teams, whilst also achieving independent outputs. He has experience working on the macro level, with national government and international organisations, through to the micro level, supporting individual small businesses. His work, linked to his core areas of competence, includes strategy development, project planning, feasibility and investment studies, technical publications such as guidelines, toolkits and training manuals, as well as training course development and capacity building to counterparts. He focuses on analytical approaches, participatory processes, practical and appropriate solutions, with clear reporting and measurable results.


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